Why I am Leaving Hawaii for Vietnam

I have never been to Vietnam. I didn’t even know where it was on a map, I am ashamed to say. But I am writing this and I am on my way there, knowing that this experience will be life changing.

The question I keep getting is, “Why?” Why do I want to move so far? Why Vietnam? What am I going to do there? Mostly, people just want to know why I am up and leaving the first world comforts of the US and the paradise of Hawaii for the third-world (sometimes without electricity) world of Vietnam. I don’t always know how to explain this, so I’m going to give you two versions: the human answer that people in the universal consciousness can understand, and the spiritual answer of why my soul is choosing this, which can sometimes come across as woo-woo, witchy, ethereal, or just plain weird.

Human answer: As many of you know, since November or so, I stopped doing sessions and lived off my savings. Come January of this year I was prompted to write a book. It is a love story that spans lifetimes and based on events of my lifetimes. It is not done yet. Around March I realized my savings would dry up relatively soon. So naturally, I had to find a way to finish the book and pay my bills. Hence, live cheaply in Vietnam where I know almost no one and be focused on the book. Easy and simple explanation.

Spiritual answer: In November I asked Spirit to show me the path that will resonate with my heart. I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go in. I wasn’t sure, honestly, what was in my heart but I knew that Spirit knew. I was torn between two directions—do I start thinking about settling down and having kids, or do I launch again into another level of my spiritual growth in my career?

There is a misbelief in the world that we are here to learn lessons, but I will say there is nothing to learn. We are born with and have access to all the knowledge we will ever need. Therefore, our time on Earth is a matter of experience and demonstration. There exists a holy trinity of knowledge, experience, and being. We already have all knowledge in us, we then take that into experience where we achieve a different level of knowing, and from there we amass all experiences into the is-ness of being and bliss. If our time on Earth is to simply experience what we already know in our minds, then we simply need to ask what it is that we want to experience.

Each situation we encounter is an opportunity to experience and demonstrate who we want to be in that moment. It is one thing to know you are a generous person, but when you experience yourself in a generous act, that is a more complete knowing of your generosity.

So, I started asking myself the question, “What parts of myself do I want to experience?” “What experiences do I want to carve out of the world so that I can have an experiential knowing of who I am?” There are no victims in this world. We are all creators, creating our experiences, both consciously and subconsciously. (If you are unaware you are a creator then your circumstance and life is driven by your subconscious desires and motivations.) In the moment of now, we are always drawing forth circumstances and situations that will provide moments for us to live our highest version of ourselves, or not.

My answer to the question of what parts of myself I want to experience, is that I want to be a change agent in the world. I already know I am a change agent in people’s lives in my little bubble, but I want to experience a grander version of me that affects change on a broader scale, a wider level, in areas of the world that I never thought I would be. As a child, I had many instances where I created beliefs that I could not achieve success or I could not ever pass a certain level, that I would always be stuck. Knowing now that I have all the knowledge to experience something larger and grander, I am seeking a life where I can finally say, “I am a master creator, and I have created my life on a large scale, and this because of my conscious choices.”

Secondly, I want to experience myself as being a light in the world and remember who I am, amidst being encircled by that which I am not. It is a moment where I can experience and demonstrate my strength of character. Can I be centered and grounded in peace and love amidst frustration and strife? Can I hold to the higher laws of the Universe without becoming lulled into lower energy consciousness? These are all things I want to experience so that I can say, “I am a person of strength,” and know, without a doubt, that it is true.

Knowing that these are the experiences I wanted to have, I chose to move to Vietnam, travel Asia in search of opportunities to learn, speak, and write, instead of settle down and have children. While that is an honorable choice for many, I realized it wasn’t the experience I wanted to have of myself, for now.

Now off to Vietnam.

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    Congratulations on this awesome chapter – full of adventure, self discovery and love. Its going to be amazing!!

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    I commend your for stepping out into your own path. I am so excited to hear of your journey and new learning…much love and aloha

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    Kathy Le-Nguyen

    Love your article. Thank you =) ♥

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