New Horizons: Exploring a Greater Vision of Myself

Who I am is not my position, my title, my career, or what others perceive me to be. Who I am is an individual expression of light. Anything else is an illusion. –spoken to me on December 20th, 2013.

New HorizonsThis affirmation came to me this morning as a result of many weeks of struggling with the idea of letting go of work as a Spiritual Healer. See, I received the message several months ago that it was time to let it go, to explore a larger version of myself. As you can probably imagine, letting go of the thing you perceive to be your sustenance, survival, and identity can be quite a task. Without the thing that feeds me, how will I get by? How will I survive without income? What will my clients think? What will they do without this service? Who am I without my career?

I couldn’t answer these questions. I couldn’t reconcile this message of letting go and I was hoping that I would have the next “thing” lined up before releasing this aspect of myself, or at least before I let the public know.

But I don’t.

I have an idea of what’s coming but the future technically doesn’t exist. The concept of a future is just an illusion, just as my career is an illusion of who I think I am. But who I am is greater and larger than my title as a healer.  It is greater than the safe box I’ve put myself in. I created a false belief that this “healer” was entirely me and therefore, to detach from it meant I would lose my sense of self.

But my beliefs are not real. In fact, I dare say I have been lying to myself. Ultimately, I am, we all are, pure light energy and an expression of Spirit. And I know that I am being guided to explore a larger expression of this light.

If you have been wondering why I stopped writing, and why I decided to take two months off from work, it’s because of all this. I was extremely resistant to what I know to be true and right for me. I needed some time to reconcile and accept my greatness by letting go of the beliefs and attachments that were weighing me down, even if the attachment was to my career.

I am grateful for what this career allowed me to do, to grow a side of myself and create peace in my heart and those I assisted in sessions. This is my letter to let you know I have now grown beyond it and am seeking enlightenment in different ways.

I am not sure what the future holds. It requires quite a bit of faith on my part, but I hope that I have your support in this new phase of growth that I am in.  I will continue writing and hope to see you commenting on anything that touches you.

Please keep in touch, the newsletter will continue on with inspiration and articles. It’s one way I can continue to be of influence in the world.

Thank you for all that you have done to change me.  I am forever grateful.

Love and light,

Staton Ann

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    I completely understand what you’re going through. Seeing oneself as a certain thing, a la professional title, leads to the same attachment(s) in which we initially were attempting to release. Moving away from Hawaii and all the amazing things attached to living there was a great risk. Yet it was necessary for me. I wasn’t only moving on from a geographical location (a swell one at that), but also letting go of the person I created while I was there. I wanted to utilize the tool set I picked up while living there while re-creating my “brand.” Not “brand” in a business sense, but really getting back to who I am and concentrating on what I like, rather than trying to belong to a “one size fits all” community. This has led me to a new location, creating a new network and allowing me to explore new opportunities, like doing a podcast with two established comedians. It’s been extremely uncomfortable leading me to question my decision at times. It’s also been exhilarating. Once I released the notion of what I “should” be doing, things began falling into place. I still don’t know where it will take me, but living in a world of mystery and not knowing everything sure makes life more adventurous, fun and challenging. Kudos to you on surrendering and jumping into the unknown. I look forward to seeing you in Austin.

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      Staton Ann

      Yes it isn’t ironic that on this path we are releasing attachments, only to get attached to something else. We are so tricky like that! Glad you also are seeing yourself larger and yet, more in alignment with your true self, it can only bring more into your life. It sounds amazing, Paul! Keep up the good work and I appreciate every single comment and all the support you have brought to my life over the years. XOXO

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    Hi Staton,
    Wow, I just wanted to drop you a short note to say good luck in finding your new calling and future endeavor. I wish you nothing but the best and thank you sincerely for all of your past help and support to not only my family, but Kikoboy

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      Staton Ann

      Thanks Bobby! Life is always changing and it was hard to let go but I know there’s so much in store if I just have faith. Thank you for the well wishes and happy holidays to you, the family and of course, Kiko!!!

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    Mad props for putting all this out here, that takes courage!!

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