What’s the Next Step in Your Life?


A friend and client of mine asked me in an email last nite, “What’s your ultimate desire?”  Translation:  Where do I want to go with “this stuff” aka the healing sessions, my intuitive ability, helping to raise the consciousness of the world.  You know, all that ethereal stuff.

I don’t know.  And I thought and thought about it all day today.  I’d like to say that I have a really cool idea or that my Angels gave me an answer but alas, I still don’t know.

I do know that I am happy with my life so far.  And yet I know there’s more.  I could teach more, hold formal classes, expand business in various directions, learn new techniques…

Part of the uncertainty in not knowing where to go comes from the dilemma of how much I consciously create and “make” happen versus how much I just surrender and allow to come to me.  I have been thinking about this a lot lately as my clients, upon being cleared, will ask me, “Now what do I do?”  For some, the answer has been:  Allow yourself to be inspired and go from there.  For others, it’s been: Simply start moving and the momentum and your Divine guidance will course-correct you along the way.

I know the answer is not a cookie cutter for every situation, as much as the controller in me would rather have it be.  I know that in the past when I pushed hard to meet a self-imposed deadline, did what I think I “should” do according to others’ standards, and/or forced something to happen, I ended up with a product or on a road that I was not happy with, ultimately causing me to go back at the beginning to start from scratch again.  And other times when I surrendered I ultimately stumbled upon my happiness.

Two mantras I have been reciting to myself daily seem to have the answer, “Spirit, show me the way” and “I am grateful for my success and I allow more.”  After much confusion and overthinking (a clear sign I am not coming from my intuition), I have decided to surrender to not having to know the answers or not having to know it right now.  I don’t have the answer as to what to do next, or what’s the next step, and I suppose I don’t need to know just yet.  I trust that when Spirit knows I am ready, my next step will be crystal clear.  Everything is in Divine timing and I simply need to allow that to happen.

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    Wow Staton! I felt like you were talking to ME! I feel very confused and overwhelmed about life right now. I do know where to go, but at times when I’m over-thinking it becomes murky and I feel lost again! Then when I do get a clear sign, I think how is this going to happen and then I freak out. I know I’m not supposed to think how, but it’s so hard! Anyway, I will TRY to just move forward…. I love this post though!!! It’s the best!!!

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    Always a perfect message JUST FOR ME! Thanks.

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