What’s Really Happening in 2012-2013

I have been fascinated to some extent with the date of December 21, and many of you have probably already heard something about either the End of Days in 2012, (which is targeted by some to happen on December 21) or how the people of Earth are undergoing some change or transition.  It has fascinated me, rather self-centeredly, because I was born on this day, the so-called “End of the World.”

So what is really happening in 2012-2013?

In the simplest of terms, 2012 is not the end of the world, it is about the creation of critical mass to the point that there in our collective consciousness, is the base premise that we are first servants of our hearts and are able to look at ourselves and our worlds from a place of love.  This transition into heart-centeredness has already started, whether it be heart-centeredness in our professions, our relationships, or within ourselves.  You could say that this is about coming from your truth and non-judgment, both of which are synonymous with love. 2012 is about the timing that this change and tipping of scales of critical mass is taking place, though this transition has been in effect for awhile.

On a metaphysical level, it is the speeding up of our vibrations.  Because of this, we will naturally be lighter and less dense.

What does this look like in our physical reality?  Well, if you have a job as an accountant but your heart longs to be a painter, then your enlightened state will manifest what is truly in your heart.  Many of you are already seeing the changes happening as you give up “safe” careers to journey further into what your heart longs for.  The same goes with relationships.  If you are living in a relationship that is not fully engaging with your heart, meaning if it in any way blocks your heart and its expression, in this new state your heart will find a way to what it truly wants, either “out” of the relationship or toward other solutions to create a new enlightened relationship.

To come from our hearts and respond with love means that we come from non-judgment and neutrality when looking at the world; That we can take a look at someone who has done something we might otherwise term as “wrong,” and be able to say, “That is their journey and their path, and they are exactly where they need to be according to their highest spiritual good.  Even if it means they make ‘mistakes’ in the short term.” To come from love also means that we are gentle on ourselves and our bodies and love ourselves in conjunction with our “failures.”

There will be some who are not ready yet to deal with this type of truth and love, that they will still want to live in the world of illusion.  That is ok because everyone has a timing and a path, and we cannot force others to live according to our values.  And coming from love means that there is really no separation amongst us, only the illusion of separation.

I am sure that I could go on forever about this topic, but I think you get the overall drift.  I know I am looking forward to the change in the overall state of our being and our world moving into 2013.  How do you feel about the upcoming changes?


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    I am onboard Staton still on my surfboard and riding the waves of 2012 bumps of LIFE and beyond…..Love V

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      Staton Ann

      Great Vincent!!! Go with the flow of life! I’m doing the same :-)

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    I’m feeling excited and anxious! Excited about what could happen and the millions of possibilities. Anxious because I’m ready or I hope I’m ready. Thanks for asking how we feel.

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      Staton Ann

      Brooke you are so ready and you have been moving so fast! Keep it up!

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    I think it’s finally time we all rise and gently awaken each other. This is exciting :)

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