The Misbelief of God’s Power

True Belief in God's Power

Have you ever said these things to yourself?

  • “God’s will, God’s way.”
  • “What God wants is what I do”
  • “If God wants it to happen, it will happen.”

I know I have, though I do it less and less over time.  Let me explain to you why these statements are not helpful because of its roots in a misbelief or misperception. This is a tricky topic because so many of us have these deeply embedded beliefs that God is an external being to us and somehow controls what is going in our lives.  However, if we start with the truth that we are all expressions of God, then we can say, “I am God. You are God. We are all God.”

Furthermore, if we are all aspects and expressions of God, and fully embody God, then God can be used interchangeably with “I” or “my” in the above statements. Therefore, what is in store for “God’s way” is really whatever “my way” or “your way” is.  And “what God wants” can be restated as “what I want.”

Meaning translated: Basically, it’s our choice.  It always has been. It’s called free will and freedom to choose. Life by design. Sometimes we forget that we have this power to create and manifest, and that power is the power of God that we all innately possess.  Sometimes because of our fear, we don’t take responsibility for our life and end up handing it over to some mysterious outside force and the misbelief that God, some external all-knowing being, is going to craft our life for us.  It’s time to take the power back that we were all born with, the power in the truth that we all hold the power of God.  And to be frank, it never really left us, but due to the misbelief about what God is, we handed over that power unnecessarily.  So it’s time to own it once again.

Take an assessment of your life.  What do you want to manifest and attract into your life? Where have you handed over your power?  What have you been waiting for God to hand to you?

* You will see in other posts that I prefer to use the term “Spirit” instead of “God” simply because in the religious dogma of our society we have paired “God” with negative connotations such as punishment, judgment, and fear.  Though the terms truly are synonymous, I know that for some readers it is easier to release the dogma when referring to “God” as “Spirit”.

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