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Oprah with Cheryl Strayed on Super Soul SundayCheryl Strayed, author of Wild was the guest this week on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.  Strayed’s book details her journey from a dark place in her life to finding herself on a trek through the Pacific Coast Trail.  It got me thinking about the journey that I have experienced in getting to where I am, and not just my journey, but the individual journey that we all experience to get to our greatness.

Strayed discusses the dark times in her life after her mother died.  Her marriage was not doing well and she sought attention in men and comfort in heroin. I recalled my own journey as she spoke, sometimes getting a little emotional, but mostly feeling gratitude for everything, realizing that every situation and every trial was meant to develop some quality in me that would assist me in my life and my work today.  Cheryl too, found herself on her journey. And had this journey not been taken, she may not be a best-selling author today, which is her ultimate and undeniable life path.

From various abuses that I went through, to witnessing drugs and other types of addictions in my family and friends, to understanding at an early age the fear of secrets and crime and poverty, all of it has assisted me in my work today. Heck, even my years being in the Mormon religion gave me vital information about how religion and spirituality operate for people and what it was like to come out of such a highly controlled culture. And having been married for a decade at an early age is no walk in the park, but taught me much about perseverance, failure, and forgiveness. I rejoiced and struggled at so many points in my life, learning and growing at every step, and I wouldn’t take back any of it.  It brought me here. And when I say everything meant something that led me to today, I really mean everything.

Take a look back at your journey.  What situations in your life have paved your way to your purpose and your greatness?  If you are still looking for your path, take a look at what you have gone through so far, big situations and small ones.  Take some guesses.  What are you being guided to do with your life?

Watch a preview of Oprah‘s Super Soul Sunday episode with Cheryl Strayed below. Catch the full episode online at

Preview: Oprah’s Book Club 2.0 Interview with Wild Author Cheryl Strayed

Oprah’s Book Club 2.0 kicked off with Cheryl Strayed’s powerful memoir, Wild. Now, watch Cheryl’s two-hour interview on “Super Soul Sunday.” Tune in as Oprah invites Cheryl to her California home to discuss loss, grief and the events that led Cheryl to hike 1,100 miles up the Pacific Crest Trail.

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