Past Lives of our Pets

Clearing Your Pet IssuesAnimals, just like humans, can get caught up in negative energies from the past and present life.  I don’t clear my dog Cupcake nearly as much as I could, but recently I asked, as I had before, if there were any programs running causing her to have separation anxiety.  I’m not sure why this wasn’t revealed in previous sessions on Cupcake, but for whatever reason, it turned out to be that, in a previous life she was my guard dog and while guarding me, I ended up getting killed.  So now in this lifetime anxious Cupcake is worried that every time I leave her side I may be harmed. There it was, the program causing her separation anxiety.

A few other minor but still significant things were also contributing to the separation anxiety.  She was lacking some confidence and assertiveness, which was re-downloaded into her consciousness. Then Spirit healed her auric vibration and raised her consciousness to understand that I am fine and not in harm’s way.

So that’s just one example of how animals can run their own programs.  As mentioned in previous videos, animals can run the same types of programs that humans do, such as programs to attract harm, create illness, absorb others’ energies, or even to die by suicide such as running into the street.  The fortunate part in working on animals is that they take much less time to clear, since animal minds are much more simple to work with.

Is your pet having any trouble with anything behavioral or emotional?  It could simply be a carryover from past lives or even something simple as low self-esteem. How do you deal with your pet’s behavioral issues?

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