Oprah and Rainn Wilson Chat about SoulPancake and Life’s Big Questions!

Rainn Wilson and Oprah Chat on Life's Big Questions, photo courtesy of OWN NetworkThis week’s Super Soul Sunday featured Rainn Wilson from The Office.  I know what you’re thinking, Rainn Wilson on Oprah’s spiritual programming??? What the??? Ah yes, he was on and it was super enlightening and refreshing.

First, Rainn has co-created SoulPancake, which he describes as a community and social network where people can chew on life’s BIG questions. Brilliant idea!  And it wasn’t just the idea that was awesome, I absolutely loved how he and his team came up with the basis for SoulPancake.  Basically, he said, young people cringe when it comes to organized religion, don’t really believe God is a man in a beard who is judgmental, and are totally turned off by anything hippie or airy-fairy.  He wanted to speak to these people.  So I was definitely reeled in.  Not only is he talking to me, but he’s talking to the same population of people that I want to connect with who believe that spirituality is not something that is an outward formal expression but something that is internal and evident and present in everything we do. I immediately began to follow SoulPancake.

Rainn also shared one of his Baha’i beliefs that, “The making of art is no different than prayer….Being creative and being a creator is the ultimate testament to the Great Creator, God.” I really took that to mean that no matter what we are creating, we are honoring Spirit and the essence within us, and it is no different than listening to our life’s purpose and creating from that essence. To create from our core essence IS to be spiritual, plain and simple.  It is the highest expression of Spirit.  Such a profound redefining of what spirituality truly is.

Some of the big questions that Rainn posed were:

  • “What does your soul look like?”
  • “If you could ask God any question what would it be?”
  • “What do you miss most about being five years old?”

Ah SoulPancake is my kind of community of like-minded spiritualists who are also still grounded on this planet. To be challenged to look at something larger than what is present in our material world is fascinating work. Thank you, Rainn and SoulPancake!

So I’m left pondering the answers to the big questions, for sure. If I could ask God any question, I would want to know if there was any other way to learn and grow spiritually without ever experiencing the pain and limitations of our physical bodies and incarnation.

What about you?  If you could ask God any question, what would it be? I’d love to hear your answers. Comment on my blog and I’ll share the rest of your answers with my readers.

Here’s a clip of SoulPancake’s video, “What are your Life’s Big Questions?”

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