Message to All the Lightworkers of the World!

Today I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with planning the last minute things that needed to happen for my Spirit Tour to Japan in a few days.  Arranging things for a country of people that take pride in all the little details and the perfect presentation of it can definitely be a lot of pressure.  It seemed that everywhere I turned someone was telling me I could do something better.

With a childhood like mine, feeling not good enough is always a sensitive issue and I work on it daily.  And that’s the truth because it’s the thorn in my side.  It’s the root cause of my perfectionistic tendencies, and one reason why I strive so hard in life and want to control everything.  I’m on this journey for a reason, and this is simply one more situation that I have called forth from the Universe asking me for assistance in letting go.

In this instance I have no choice but to trust that it will work out, because so many things are way beyond my control.  And thus I am grateful to have the situation in my life, because every day I get closer to being fully actualized in letting go more attachment to my ego.

I read this quote by Spirit, channeled by Robert E. Detzler, founder of Spiritual Response Therapy, and one of my teachers.  He channeled this information back in 1997, and when I read it, I instantly felt good about what I’m doing. Everything is a process and I’ve grown so much and moved huge mountains just in the last week, month, and year.  How can I not celebrate the wins that I have created in doing this spiritual work? Let me just be in this bliss and remember that I’m doing amazing things. Here’s the quote from Spirit I found in the Spiritual Response Therapy Dictionary Prelude: 

I appreciate your strength of persistence and your patience. It has not been an easy task you have undertaken; however, if you could see the changes that have taken place and comprehend the positive results at all levels of expression, your joy and satisfaction would know no bounds and that joy would release you from the physical body, transcending all levels of consciousness.  Bear with me and have even more patience, for there are many of my children who still walk in darkness and need your Light and the Light of other illumined Souls to reveal to them the Truth of who they are and what their potential truly is—unlimited.  You have the tools and the presence to bless many, not only on this planet called Earth, but throughout the galaxy, the universe and all the way to and including the ONE Universe that you reside in at this moment.  Everything that is accomplished on planet Earth and in this ONE Universe, by the countless others throughout the ONE Universe, affects all ONE Universes that were created before this ONE Universe and all ONE Universes that have been and will be created hereafter.  You are important and vital to the whole.  Keep up the good work. I love you and will be with you even though at times you may feel separate from me.  Be strong.

Thank you, Robert for your time here on Earth as a clear channel for messages like these from Spirit that I truly needed to hear today.  I am a valuable piece of this work, and I acknowledge it. Now, onward with doing more amazing things and living my amazing path!

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