Experiencing Joy in the Imperfections in Life

Experiencing Joy in the Imperfections in LifeRight now my life is in flow with a changing tide. Business targets, changing clients, changing services, changing website, and then feeling the energetic changes going on in the world, family, and Hawaii. There have been days in the past when I really didn’t know how to keep up, days when I struggled with how it would all work out.  And then there are days when I know it’s all perfect.

The last few days have been absolutely perfect.  Even the imperfections are perfect.

I’ve been asking myself, “How did I get here? How do I keep it up?” Here’s what’s been working for me:

1.  Make it a practice to meditate.  As spiritual as I feel I am, I have been somewhat not in the practice of actual meditation until a few months ago.  You may think this is strange for a spiritual advisor, but in reality, meditation is not a necessity to connect to your Higher Self, so I often connect to Spirit and High Self without the use of meditation.  It just happens for me.  What I started to value, however, was that meditation would center me and ground me so much that what would happen in my day-to-day activities wouldn’t get me flustered.  I was not as emotionally reactive.  For example, yesterday a car veered into my lane on the freeway and didn’t see me right next to him.  I honked loudly for what seemed to be seconds.  I typically can get quite flustered by the driving process.  In this instance though, I thought, “It’s ok, he made a mistake.” Then I sent him good energy.  My friends in the car were yelling so loud, but I didn’t seem to take to that emotion.  Meditation helped me that day to stay centered.

2.  Have faith that everything will work out for your greatest good.  It is very human to think that we missed an opportunity or get upset when things don’t fall in line as we think it should.  The other day I watched my team struggle to put something together in time on a project we are working on.  When the time to stop working came, I remained calm and knew in my heart things were going to work out even if we were not complete with all our tasks.  I asked them to stop working so that we could pursue fun.  I could feel that they wanted to beat themselves up, that they were worried that things would not work out.  I held my faith that everything would work out, and that if it were meant to be completed for the greatest good of the world, then it would be so. The work was finished later that night, and all went well.

3.  Raise your vibration.  Worry, fear, stress are all low vibrations.  When we are in that low vibration we attract things, people, and opportunities that are also at those vibrations.  This morning I went with some friends to the beach.  My typical work day would include getting straight to work once I had walked the dog and meditated.  Today was a time to connect to something positive.  And we did.  I left feeling gratitude for the beautiful nature around me, the people in my life, and the opportunities that are coming.  I also felt a child-like nature of curiosity and playfulness walking on the sand and looking at designs some school students made with rocks and shells.  Gratitude and child-like wonder are very high on the vibration scale.  When I stay in the high vibration, I am able to attract more at that vibration.

Our life is constantly reflecting what is going on with our minds and hearts.  Our world is simply a mirror of us. If you are unhappy with where you are, take time to practice these tips. If you are already in practice, keep going.  Quiet yourself, have faith, and vibrate high.  It’s definitely a recipe for a happy Spirit-centered life.



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