Eckhart Tolle on Being Aware of Your Presence

Spirit has a great way of having perfect timing in the messages that I hear.  I decided to tune into Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday after a couple months of not, and everything Eckhart Tolle, author and spiritual teacher, had to say resonated with me and all the struggles I have been facing lately, and really, most of my life.

I have long battled anxiety and serious depression in my life. I have made pharmaceutical companies as rich as they are.  My anxiety comes in the form of self-deprecating thoughts of how I’m not good enough and how I need to do more to be where I “should” be.  A simple thought becomes a long stream of consciousness of negativity of which I am holding on for dear life, trying to find the reigns by which to control it, or at the very least, manage it.

The last few years of my life I have managed it well, clearing away energies and blocks that fuel it, and no longer needing daily medication.  But, once in a great while, I still feel like it gets the best of me. Like I lose the battle to that side of me that says, “I am no good.”  In those instances I only know to pray and fall asleep and hopefully, wake up a happier person, forgetting all those evil thoughts about myself.

With the self-induced induced pressure of the launch of The Lightstyle Network, this anxiety has come to rear its ugly head again. The battles within me have re-emerged.

Eckhart Tolle spoke on the concept of “presence.” One writer asked a question over Facebook, “How do I stop the constant stream of consciousness in my mind?”  Tolle responded by saying, “You can choose to take your attention away from thinking.  The first thing you do as you lie there in bed, you ask yourself, ‘Can I feel the energy inside my hands?’ Immediately, thinking will slow down….The inner body is a wonderful anchor for the state of presence.”

I often wondered how to go about getting out of those thoughts and Tolle just gave me a concrete way to anchor myself and get back to presence within myself.

Tolle also delivers a gem by saying that we can find, “a spacious relationship with thought.” When you do, he mentions, “these thoughts and memories will have no power over you and you begin to realize that it is not reality, it is not happening in the here and now.” You clear your mind by not identifying with those thoughts.  Hence, creating space between you and the thought.

Much anxiety comes from ways I believe I have failed myself or not done as well as I could have.  Tolle reminds us that, “The essence of who you are does not lie in the past.  You are the presence.” In fact, he speaks of his own transformation when in a suicidal moment, he realized that he was not his thoughts.  He learned to disidentify from his unhappy self and from those thoughts.  He realized that those thoughts were not his true self.

My favorite quote from the episode is, “Being aware of your presence of your very being by sensing the entire energy field that is alive, that is the totality of your presence….That is where you and God merge.”

Overall, I felt that Tolle spoke directly to me in this Super Soul Sunday session.  He brought me back to truths that I had already known, truths that we all know, but tend to forget in the hustle and bustle of life and not being present in the moment.

Watch Eckhart Tolle answer Oprah’s soul to soul questions.


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