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Create Your Life On Purpose

So I work really hard to avoid giving my fake laugh. What do I mean? The nice-nice etiquette of “How are you?!?!” but then not caring about the answer.  The “Yeah, call me, let’s do something soon (fake smile)” and hoping the person doesn’t call.  Don’t get me wrong, even I succumb to the social pressure every now and then and put on the “act”, but it’s not me.  I made a decision sometime ago that I would do my best to really be real.  That I would do my best to live my life how I want to live it…with meaning, with sincerity, with intentionality.  Living my life with purpose on purpose.

How does a woman go about doing that, you ask?  Here’s my quick and dirty run down of things I learned and how I went about carving out my life.

1.  Be in integrity with yourself.

Apologize only when you mean it.  Attend parties and gatherings only when you really want to.  (And don’t apologize for not wanting to go.)  When you don’t want to go, just simply say, “No, I won’t be able to make it.”  You don’t owe anyone an explanation.  In general, say what you mean and mean what you say.  Sounds simple enough and yet it requires much conscious choice in everyday practice.

2.   Choose the moments of your life carefully.

You are the steward of your ship.  Steer it in the direction that most speaks to your heart.  Do this by getting clear on what your life purpose is, and then working toward achieving that.  Every goal, every step, every miniscule little detail about your life should fall in line with the overall vision that you have for yourself.

3.  Choose your environment wisely.

I didn’t believe my mom when she said that you become just like your friends.  I discovered she was right.  Slowly but surely the attitudes your friends have will creep right into your own thought processes, which can be dangerous if those attitudes are negative or not in alignment with your true purpose.  Choose your friends wisely.  If they are not moving in the same direction, not moving at all, or worse yet, are throwing grenades every time you make a positive step forward in your life (maybe even behind your back), wish them well in your mind and visualize them moving out of your life.  From there, choose to surround yourself with others who are more in alignment with where you are headed.

We all come to our lifetimes hoping to grow and learn the things we need to learn.  This life is about you, not anyone else.  It’s about where you want to go.  About your passions.  About the relationships you want to create.  About true joy and happiness. And mostly, it’s about letting your true essence shine so much that people have to wear sunglasses when you walk by.  This happens naturally when you live according to you.  So what is life about?  This life is about living you.

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