Choosing To Honor Myself

Staton AnnSometimes the pressure to do what we think we “should” do can be intensely overwhelming.  In the spirituality field, many expect me to look, act, dress, and speak a certain way, probably because that’s the way it’s often done. There is a template, so to speak, of what a spiritual person looks like.

There was a point where I was second guessing my choices because of what others felt should or shouldn’t be done by a spiritual person, or a person who is in this field, for fear of what others may think about my so-called spirituality and credibility. If it sounds exhausting, it definitely has been.  It got so far at one point that I almost could not formulate an opinion or a preference about what I wanted to do and it started to bleed in my personal life. I kept listening to the outside opinions and foregoing the most important voice, my internal voice.

These opinions were not wrong, by any means. In fact, had I followed them, I would still create something tremendously amazing. But it often came down to simple personal preference, and I forgot that I had such a thing. I was ignoring my own desires, which then led me to states of confusion and blank stares.

I was simply not honoring my own wishes. I truly didn’t know what I wanted, and worse, I was afraid to be wrong.  But the key was, there was no wrong.  All answers were right and it came down to choosing what worked best for me.  It came down to preference and honoring who I am.

So this is me, Staton Ann. I wear jeans and chic outfits in my sessions (no monk robes), sometimes even for phone sessions where no one but myself can see. I enjoy at least a 4” heel on my shoes. I prefer an all white bedroom to clear my mind, completely free of color. I enjoy lattes in the morning, organic coffee or not. I don’t enjoy having crystals around my house because I start having weird dreams. I prefer to have my hair completely back even though I look bald, and I enjoy crazy colored toe nail polish. My favorite meal is a bowl of rice. There. I’m Staton Ann, Spiritual Advisor and Intuitive Healer, rocking out to my own heart felt desires, honoring what is unique about me.

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    I love it! 4″ heels, fun toenail polish, and brown rice! Thanks for leading by example! ☺

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      @TheLizzieVance LOL Not just any bowl of rice. Perfectly cooked, warm and with a sprinkle of furikake or shoyu on it! :)

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      Staton Ann

      @TheLizzieVance Thanks for commenting Lizzie! Spirituality definitely doesn’t have to look and sound a certain way, it’s just about being true to yourself.

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    Rock on!! You are awesome just the way you are….cool, chic, hip & unique!

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