Caroline Myss Talks with Oprah on Intuition and Life Purpose

Super Soul Sunday on OWN NetworkAll right so I’ve spent the last two years of my life going without cable TV and only today did I realize what I was missing (besides episodes of the Kardashians).  I tuned into #SuperSoulSunday on the Oprah’s OWN network and Caroline Myss (@CarolineMyss), top medical intuitive, was speaking on intuition, purpose, and grace!!! I chose to stay in and watch instead of enjoying a beautiful Sunday in Honolulu, that’s how much I wanted to learn from her.  Although I, and many of you, know this information, sometimes it just hits us in a different way and resonates on a different level.  I wanted to share with you my two key takeaways.

On living your purpose:  “You know you’re on the right path, here’s your clue, you’re not put in a position to betray yourself….You’re not put in a position where you feel like you have to negotiate your sense of integrity, which is an act of betrayal…you don’t feel like you have to compromise who you are, it feels right.”

Caroline says the ultimate betrayal is the betrayal of you and that every choice you make is either enhancing you or depleting you.  If it is draining you, then you are betraying yourself and who you truly are at your core.  What this means to me is that every choice and every decision I make must not betray my spirit, and if I attempt to live my life according to what others think I should do, then ultimately I am living a purpose meant for someone else, not the one that was meant for me.  And that includes the many choices in my life that have gone against what society would have me do, like settle down and have children when I know in my heart that is not meant for me at this time.

On intuition:  “We are born intuitive, and for actually for most people it is the source of their greatest suffering.”

When I heard this, it baffled me, because when I follow and trust my intuition, it usually ends up turning out well.  So I could not understand how this might be otherwise.  But as she stated, your intuition lets you know immediately when you have done something that goes against your values and drains your power.  Some people do not want to hear that voice telling them they betrayed themselves.  There’s the suffering.  I have felt that in big and small ways, from big life decisions that led me to careers that did not lead me to a fulfilling life, to eating foods that didn’t feed my soul.  I suppose over time many of us learn to do it less and less, at least that’s the aim, right?

The big message I heard today was not to betray myself, to make choices that empower me and allow me to live according to my purpose.  I heard it loud and clear, Spirit, thank you.

Did you catch #SuperSoulSunday on Oprah’s OWN network? What were your key takeaways? If you missed it, here’s a short clip.  Watch the full episode on Oprah’s OWN network.

How to Know When You’ve Found Your Purpose in Life

Author Caroline Myss says each of us has a sacred contract—a set of assignments our soul was meant to complete. Here, she shares a list of telltale signs that you are fulfilling your divine potential in life. Plus, watch as Oprah has an aha! moment during their conversation about being true to herself.

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