Anchoring Your Life

What anchors you in your life?  What keeps you grounded, safe, and sane?  I always understood that my home represented an anchor for me.  When I travel or simply when I go from day to day interacting with various people and energies, my physical home was the safe place I could let my walls down, regroup, recharge, and get back to center.  With the relationship change and moving out of the home we shared, I expected and anticipated a little bit of a temporary “ungroundedness.”  But six weeks later I still felt something was not quite right.  So I kept searching my mental checklists of possible things to clear to figure out why I was still feeling unattached and anxious.

And there it was.  My epiphany.  That my “home base” is not necessarily a place.  I was still feeling unsettled because I had anchored my life into a person (former boyfriend), an idea (that my purpose was to find love and get married), and a general worldly belief system that if two people love each other, it should work (there’s that darn “should” word again).  When I lost (or chose to leave) those anchors in favor of more growth, I kept trying to anchor into something new… new people, new/redefined purpose, new beliefs.  In those attempts, I still couldn’t pinpoint why everything was working out on the surface and yet I was still feeling a little “off” and out of sync.  And what seems so naturally a lesson here, but what takes some of us like myself multiple times to really “get”, is best said by my own inner critic, and her counterpart/intuitive self, “Duh, Staton Ann, the ‘home base’ is in you.”

So there’s the ultimate Anchor.

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    love it. thanks for sharing this today Staton.

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    Staton Ann

    Thanks Waiwai!!! Love your comments!!!

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    Very good insight Staton…

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      Staton Ann

      Thank for reading Vincent! Love when people comment!

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