Schedule an Appointment

Staton Ann is facilitating spiritual healing sessions via phone/Skype and in-person. To set up a session, please email her at to set up a time and location that works for you. From there, she will know if it is appropriate to work with you or to refer you to other healers. Please note that she lives a life of travel and therefore, an in-person session may not be feasible, but feel free to inquire anyway. There is no set schedule on her return to Hawaii or Japan, as of late.

In addition, due to some confusion, to clarify, Staton Ann works with Spirit to facilitate your healing. Future type of reading sessions are not accomodated.

Effective Sept 1, 2015, phone/Skype sessions are $157.07 and in-person sessions are $209.42. Prices include the 4.712% Hawaii tax. Payment will be taken at the time of the healing session.

Sessions are 50 minutes in length. Depending on your situation you may need multiple sessions or maintenance sessions. Everyone gets blocked, it’s part of being human. A block is really anything that prevents you from your greatest good. This may include negative thoughts, old traumas, situations, or people that you still hold onto, old beliefs taught to us by imperfect families, and stuff we bring in from past lives or pre-incarnation.

Please visit FAQ section on how these sessions work. Trust me, it’s helpful to know.

For more understanding into her complex mind and changing life, please visit Notes and Inspiration.