Success Stories

“Staton Ann is a gifted intuitive AND does her sessions in a way that makes you feel comfortable and “normal”. I highly recommend working with her whether you’re trying to figure out what’s holding you back, working through health issues, relationships, careers – whatever you have questions on, she helps you find the WHY.”

– Jennifer Kem,

“My session delightfully enlightening in that allowed me to open my doors and see possibilities that I had never imagined possible.  After the clearing and reading from Staton I’m more in alignment and prepared to face the challenges ahead of me.  I have a sense of completeness, purpose and acknowledgment that I have a great life ahead of me and that I am destined for greatness. ”

– Angela Chan

“Working with Staton to clear my past lives and programs, I feel amazing. Things that used to bother me or affect me don’t. I understand now why I felt a certain way towards someone or acted a certain way when something happened. I am clearer. I am more peaceful within myself.  My head isn’t swimming with a million thoughts. I am no longer afraid of things. I am learning, through Staton, how to protect myself [spiritually].  I welcome my intuitive abilities and am grateful for them.

Staton has truly changed my life for the better. She has become my teacher and someone I can trust.”

– Waileia Eldredge

“Staton is great at what she does. Whenever I am in need of help or advise she is always there for me. She returns calls in a timely manner and always has time to lend a listening ear. Staton is accurate in her sessions and has been able to clear a lot of physical and spiritual problems for me. I have learned a lot from her and continue to do so, it is always a wonderful experience to do a reading and clearing with her. I hope that everyone who sits with her has as great experiences as I have had.”

– Jill Owens,

“When I came to Staton, I would say that I was half open minded & half skeptical as I mentioned to her.  She takes you through a short orientation if not familiar and guides you through the experience.  Really, it was a new experience for me and Staton helped me find more peace with my mother’s passing. There are things that Staton discussed things that really helped reveal other issues that need to be addressed. If you haven’t experienced her healings, I highly recommend seeing Staton.  Thank you!”

– Rodney Miyasato

“I went to Staton at a time when there was a lot of uncertainty in my life regarding my career pathways. I was moving from one state to another, had just entered into a new relationship, and while I was clear on becoming employed, I wasn’t very clear on what employment opportunities would be best for me. After my session, I felt clear on which employers to consider and which ones might not work out so well for me. I also received validation that my move from one state to another was in my best interest at this time. To be specific, Staton mentioned that I would be making a difference in the lives of women and girls. Two days later, I applied for a leadership position at an all-girls school and three weeks later I accepted an incredible offer to join their team. The session itself was energizing, insightful, and an overall exceptional experience.”


“I have to admit, I was feeling a bit trepidatious upon my first appointment with Staton. She immediately put my fears to rest by explaining in detail her services and what I could expect as a result of our session. I actually received much more than expected as she uncovered stories and beliefs that were hidden very deep in my subconscious. Her compassion and lack of judgment allowed me to acknowledge those stories from my past and finally forgive myself while letting go of the things that were preventing me from moving forward in my life. It immediately felt as if a weight had been lifted from my soul. I am eternally grateful for Staton and the gift she gave me during that session!”

– Paul E. Hendricks,

“My experience with Staton was amazing! I had never done anything like this before so I had no idea what to expect. She told me things about my past that she could never have known. She told me about my present and provided me with guidance about how to create my life. When my session was over I felt an incredible sense of comfort and confidence. I was so blown away that I had to go back for another session. This was definitely one of the most enlightening experiences of my life!”

– Paul Woolley

 “It’s difficult to put into words the type of resource Staton is for me. She has given me insight and awareness about where I need to be and what I need to do to get started on my life path. She also clears the negative energy and subconscious thoughts that block me from being the best person I can be. There are days that can be too stressful or depressing or just aggravating that I am unable clear on my own…I call Staton to help me detox my soul. She is an amazing person with only good intentions, her work will enlighten you!!”

– Trissy Chun

“I am so honored to have crossed paths with Staton..she is just amazing!! For example, I had called her one day to tell her that my eyes just couldn’t adjust like they were just “wigging out” along with a headache, she told me it was negative energies of old souls that were hindering me from moving forward on my spiritual path, and within minutes of a phone call to her it was cleared!! She is awesome in what she does and I would recommend everyone who wants to be on the right path in life to visit Staton. You will not be disappointed. Thank you Staton for sharing your gifts with others and for your inspiration.

– Vee Medeiros

“Staton is a beacon of light. She walks the talk. She’ll call you on your sh**! She believes everyone is destined for greatness if you do the work. She has shown us how much she cares by helping us grow..guiding us on the right path. She shares by example, her vision, positive energy, and angel guidance. Only the brave dare to grow!!”

– Jaymie Huihui-Lono

“Staton has two master degrees and a drive to succeed. When I heard that Staton was doing energy clearings and readings, I thought she was crazy. I went to my first session a complete skeptic and walked away a total believer.  She has helped me overcome major obstacles in my life including my health and relationships and I couldn’t be happier now.  I recommend anyone giving it a try.”

– E.M