Why We Don’t Have What We Want

The energies that we carry manifest into our physical reality.  Find out the larger explanation of why we do and don’t have what we want in our lives.

Basics Terms Used With Spirituality

I know for some, these topics that I post are a completely new realm of learning. So, as a result, I shot this video to just define some basic terms that I use often in other posts and videos. Enjoy.

Transitioning Relationships

Have you ever wondered why some old friends and opportunities seem to fall away as you “grow up?”  Here’s an answer to the topic of transitioning and completing relationships.

What’s the Next Step in Your Life?

  A friend and client of mine asked me in an email last nite, “What’s your ultimate desire?”  Translation:  Where do I want to go with “this stuff” aka the healing sessions, my intuitive ability, helping to raise the consciousness of the world.  You know, all that ethereal stuff. I don’t know.  And I thought […]

The Science of Happiness

How do you define your happiness?  I used to think I would be happy when I had the house, the car, the career, the man, etc.  Then I looked up one day and realized I had all of it and I wasn’t happy.  “Someone had sold me the botched American Dream!” I thought to myself.  […]

Staton Ann

Create Your Life On Purpose

So I work really hard to avoid giving my fake laugh. What do I mean? The nice-nice etiquette of “How are you?!?!” but then not caring about the answer.  The “Yeah, call me, let’s do something soon (fake smile)” and hoping the person doesn’t call.  Don’t get me wrong, even I succumb to the social […]