About Staton Ann

My first career was as a marriage and family therapist, but I have always been a writer at heart.

My first love was writing poetry. As a child, I poured my heart into my journals, telling God all of my problems, writing poems of pain, and knowing one day my writing would prove useful. I was also very introspective at that, analyzing things from every angle to get the best possible outcome in my life. Writing allowed me to develop a conversation with myself. Looking back, it is likely that in that conversation with myself my intuition developed.


Most of my career-oriented spiritual work has been on the healing end. I have been a spiritual healing practitioner since 2010, first starting out with readings and then transitioning to clearing energy and past lives, which allows people to move forward in a way that is simple and effortless in all areas of their lives.

I believe that every situation we encounter in life is manifested by our own unconscious and subconscious energies. Knowing this, if there is ever something I do not like about my life or a situation I am in, I first look at myself before feeling like a victim of my circumstances. Our beliefs create our world and I’ve always known that somewhere in me, I have the power to change what I do not like. I don’t know where this knowing comes from, I’ve just always believed that I could be, do, say, or feel what I wanted to. I have the power to create, for better or for worse, my reality. And so do you.

I write because I have a lot of life experience to share. I write because in this day and age, people are looking to connect authentically and with meaning, and I write because I know that I can be the change. I also write because I like it. What I post here on this site is meant to inspire you, lead you, grow you to new levels of self-awareness. But only if you wish. As I mentioned before, you create your own reality. I am just a messenger.

I can frequently be found working on several projects, some of which may see the light of day, others may not. Getting out of my thinking box is of high value to me, whether it is through traveling to foreign countries or thinking up new projects. I do my best to keep you in the loop on the ongoing expansion of my consciousness. You will be able to witness the wonderful transformations from my writings in Notes & Inspiration.

Thank you for visiting and thank you for spreading the word. If this has touched you in some way, please comment as you feel comfortable and know that what you write may also be the key to changing someone’s world.

Peace and love,
Staton Ann