• Choosing Love Over Fear

    My Promiscuous Heart

    Choosing Love Over Fear

  • dragon-slider

    The Inner Dragon

    Why It's Time I Embraced Her Wisdom

  • Path to Enlightenment

    Cosmic Hilarity in My Personal Experiences

  • The Price of Freedom

    Why Traveling the World Isn't As Perfect As It Seems

  • Wanderlust

    Why I am Leaving Hawaii for Vietnam

  • New Horizons

    Exploring a Greater Vision of Myself

How well do you know yourself?

It can be tricky at times to navigate through our unconscious desires. They often mask themselves as truth.

How do we come closer to the truth about ourselves?  First, we temporarily suspend disbelief in anything outside of our known reality.

Then, we question, explore, try a sideways door, ask for feedback, and do what we need to get out of our cultural, systemic, and personal bounds.

Through each process we come closer to the core of our being where our inner peace and solidarity lies—peeling away layers of disadvantageous beliefs to ultimately reveal the truth of who we are.

This site is dedicated to the exploration and awareness of the Self, holding no judgment and no bounds for our infinite being. Just pure questioning and discovery.

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